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Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

Liquid Lipstick

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Why We’re The Most Awesome cosmetic brand


Be brave, unleash your inner artist!

Our vibrant, vivid colors give you the freedom to set your creativity free through experimentation.

Our distinctive products give you courage to show the world your breathtaking unique self. We believe in pushing boundaries and redefining beauty standards.


We celebrate diversity and individuality!

We are here to empower all incredible stories of all genders, all ages, all ethnicities.

We believe in authenticity and that`s why we offer you one of a kind, innovative, high-quality beauty products.


Setting trends is in our DNA!

We believe that beauty is about accepting and loving yourself. We believe beauty is about confidence, self-awareness and self-inspiration.

And we are here to offer to all of you the best of beauty in terms of expertise, unique products and responsibility.  Sharing innovative beauty solutions with everyone and everywhere is what drives us to be the best!

BEL London

👑Bring more magic into your world.✨
💄Choose you colour, your mood, your lipstick, nail lacquer, mascara, eyeliner & gift set from here ⤵️

Although the mini nail polish bottle may look like it's playing hide-and-seek in your fingers, it's a stealthy powerhouse.🥰 

Despite its petite appearance, this little marvel can glamorise a whopping 150 nails with finesse.🌈💅 It's like having a secret agent for your manicure, small in size but big on impact, leaving a trail of style wherever it goes.✨😍

🛍️Get your favourite colour from ➡️ link in bio.
🔍 ✨BEL London 💅Mini Nail Lacquer № 217.

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Unveiling a new era of beauty💗

Say YES to perfection with our latest creation, Yes! Flawless Foundation. ✨ Immerse yourself in its light texture, seamless blendability, and natural matte finish.👸🏻Dare to be flawless!

Stay tuned for more!😍

🛍️Soon available on our new website ➡️ link in bio.

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❤️We heard you loud and clear! 🎨✨ Tell us about your dream red shade in the comments, and we'll match it up with its perfect number on our vibrant red colour palette.💞 Curiosity piqued—let's check if there's a red we haven't added to our collection yet!🌈👇

💅The colour of this Nail Lacquer is № 107.

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Matte Kiss Liquid Lipstick - the secret to all-day perfection, no touch-ups in your reflection!💗 With a formula that's pure finesse, it's smooth and easy to impress.😍 Get ready to embrace the matte, make every moment great!💄

💋Which colour is your favourite one?

💄The colour of the lipstick in this photo is № 07.

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🌈Infuse your fingertips with a burst of daring hues, letting your nails become the voice of your style.💅 Ignite the impact of polish with our vibrant lacquers, making a statement that goes beyond words.✨ 

Which shade will you choose to speak volumes?💗 Drop your pick in the comments!😍

💅The colour of this Nail Lacquer is № 27.

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