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Our Manifesto

We are on a mission to empower every woman to unleash her true amazing self.

To create her own beauty. To reveal her individuality. To celebrate her courage!

Our products are here to set new standards in the beauty industry!

Our passion for cutting-edge solutions is in our blood and it’s the essence of everything we do.


Our pillars

Creativity & Courage

Be brave, unleash your inner artist! 

Our vibrant, vivid colors give you the freedom to set your creativity free through experimentation. 
Our distinctive products give you courage to show the world your breathtaking unique self. We believe in pushing boundaries and redefining beauty standards. 

Are you with us?  

Authensitity & Diversity

We celebrate diversity and individuality! 

We are here to empower all incredible stories of all genders, all ages, all races. 

We believe in authenticity and that`s why we offer you one of a kind, innovative, high-quality beauty products.

Innovation & Expertise

Setting trends is in our DNA! 

We believe that beauty is about accepting and loving yourself. 
We believe beauty is about confidence, self-awareness and self-inspiration. 

And we are here to offer to all of you the best of beauty in terms of expertise, unique products and responsibility. 
Sharing innovative beauty solutions with everyone and everywhere is what drives us to be the best!

Our London DNA

There are over 4 million women living in London.
Inspired by their incredible, unique stories and by the everchanging spirit of the city…

We have created a beauty brand to answer women’s needs.

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